Getting On

by Está Vivo

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released November 9, 2015



all rights reserved


Está Vivo Chicago

Ours is yours.

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Track Name: Excuse Yourself
it feels delicious
but being romantic
is only knowing what matters the most
there's no defeat in saying i told you so
we can't both be right
all men
are created evil
as if that's some excuse
to not fall in love
your stagnant obsessions
are just the lies from the dogs
oh but my experience
is so much different than yours
does that make you right?
am i different in your eyes?
or just another fool
who doesn't know himself?
and i'm breaking apart
from both of us
can't we just be done
diminishing ourselves
Track Name: Juan Bobo
with a love i wouldn't mind
to be simple and despised
that i mean less
nothing to myself
with the thought of being felt
to notice when i am occupied
i become less focused on my mind
to think that there's
a whole other side of everything
once you've arrived
that the world looks brighter
upon company
i hate the thought of
i'll just wait and see
that the longing
like the fool that i am
stop pretending to be a man
a grown man
with a love i
would be less foolish
Track Name: Cave
in my house is where you won't lay
please come around
i'll be home all day
and if you show
just come right in
invite me out to be your friend
i wanna be your friend
and if it get's too dark
i'll keep the lights on
i'll show you the stars
that'll bring you here
bring your little feet closer to me
grant me this wish
of having you near
i want you near